Annie Scotland

Figures in wood

Over the years I have made many different things but seem to have concentrated a great deal on various types of puppets and figures. Perhaps I could be described as a doll maker. I think the history of dolls is remarkable and I’m fascinated in the part they play and have played in tradition and ritual.

I work mostly in wood and have developed an unusual method of construction, which involves using small discarded off cuts. I feel an attachment to trees and find it sad and wasteful when their growth is scrapped. I always use reclaimed wood. I build outwards painstakingly in little bits and shapes evolve almost without my having too much direction over them. This makes the resulting figure satisfyingly unpredictable. I then saw, cut, chisel and sand.

I live and work from home in the West Country. I’m happy to take commissions and would come to an arrangement on price depending, in part, on the number of hours it takes me to make the work.

Inspirational picture.

I’ve had this photograph on my desk for many years. It always makes me smile as I marvel at the boys creative ingenuity. His confident expression mounted on this rickety bike reinforces for me the triumph of imagination over practical reality. The build is nevertheless intrinsically beautiful.